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The Indigenous Bowl is the premier event for the 7G Foundation to further the goal of molding the next 7 generations of Native leaders through education, athletics, culture and real-world support. The first Indigenous Bowl was played in 2017. The Bowl is open to High School Seniors of American Indian descent who have not yet enrolled full-time in college. The event is an opportunity for young, Native athletes to showcase their talent on the football field, work with coaches and mentors, and develop the skills necessary to move to the next level of competition.
Bennae Calac Executive Director


Welcome to the 2022 Indigenous Bowl Game site. I’m excited to again see history be made with this Indigenous Bowl. The 2021 game and camp was phenomenal and it was historic for us as well as the athletes and their families. The teams played hard and offered a fantastic level of competition.  We saw new relationships develop.  Players, coaches, and Tribal leaders shared cultural insights as well as insights to living a successful life going forward.  There were players learning and sharing with others all the while making a place in their own history.

The 2022 Indigenous Bowl will be full of excitement and success as we have partnered with the NFL and Minnesota Vikings!  This year is also going to feature retired coaches and players from the NFL. Individual films and stats will be made available for helping players get recruited by universities.  This can really help jumpstart your recruitment for next year. 


Benae  Calac

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