Bennae Calac Executive Director

Welcome to the 2019 Indigenous Bowl Game site. I’m excited to again see history be made with the Indigenous Bowl. The 2018 game and camp was phenomenal and it was historic for us as well as the athletes and their families. The teams played hard and offered a fantastic level of competition.  It was intense yet one of the best examples of athletes playing for a higher purpose I’ve ever been around.  We saw new relationships develop.  Players, coaches, and Tribal leaders shared cultural insights as well as insights to living a successful life going forward.  There were players learning and sharing with others all the while making a place in their own history as well as ours that will always be remembered 


The 2019 Indigenous Bowl will be the same but with more excitement and success.   This year is 100 years of professional football.  A year that every Native American should swell in our pride as professional football was started greatly by some of our own people in the lead.  This year will be learning of the lives and careers of some of those great men Such as Jim Thorpe an Olympic gold medalist, a professional baseball, football, basketball player who was the first president of the NFL and remembered as quite possibly the greatest athlete in history. Wa-Tho-Huk, his name is translated as "Bright Path" and he certainly has been and still is the Bright Path for Native American athletes everywhere.  So, this will bring even more intense interest in this year’s game. 


These year is also going to feature a real pro day to start off our camp. Individual films and stats will be made available for helping players get recruited by universities.  Additionally, this year we will be inviting and accepting applications for underclassmen. Due to high school and NCAA rules, they will not be able to play in the game but are allowed to practice with the graduating seniors and will greatly benefit by getting their pro day results in front of colleges for the coming year. This can really help jumpstart their recruitment for next year. 


Additionally, this year we are fortunate to have college coaches and professionals who will be coaching and attending the week's practices and of course the game. Again, this will be very helpful for developing players to receive as well as increasing their opportunities in the future. 

Benae  Calac



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