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Friday, December 3


7:30a                    Breakfast (Stone Arch Room) (hotel provided)

                              Speaker, Derek Fine, NFL TE, Cherokee

8:30 – 10:450a     Practice (Coaches, Team Rooms)

11:00a                   Players get pads and load c=vans

11:45 – 1:00         Lunch (Jerry Gamble Club, 2410 Irving Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN)(Subway)

                             Speaker, Coach Marty Hoffman, Minnesota Morris

1:30 – 2:00p       Travel to Practice (West St. Paul Bubble, 1655 Livingston, West St. Paul, MN)

2:00 – 4:00p       Contact Practice (West St. Paul Bubble, Pads needed)

4:15 – 4:45p       Travel to Hotel

5:00 – 5:30p       Down Time/Showers

5:45p                  Players Load Vans

6:00p                  Dinner (American Indian Center) (Sponsored by Indian Land Capital) PARENTS WELCOME

6:15p                  Speaker, Personal Finance, Siebert Financial

7:40p                  Travel Back to hotel

8:00p                  Break out (Team Rooms)

10:00p                Room Check

10:30p                Lights Out

Saturday, December 4


7:30a                   Breakfast (Stone Arch Room)

8:30 – 9:00a        Travel to U.S. Bank Stadium (US Bank Stadium, 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN)

9:00a                    Tour U.S. Bank Stadium (Players wear Jerseys and bring helmets

                             Team Photos

10:30 - 11:300a  Coaches and Reflection time

11:00 – 1:15p      Lunch (American Indian Center) (Subway)

                              Speaker Terrell Johnson, Just Love

1:30p                   Shuttle to hotel and get pads go to practice

2:00 – 3:00p        Contact Practice (West St. Paul Bubble)

3:15p                    Travel to hotel

3:30p                    Down time

5:00p                    Banquet opens for seatong

5:15p                    Players and Coaches seated in Ballroom

5:30p                    Dinner (banquet) (Order Tickets Here)

7:30p                    Break out (Team Rooms)

9:00p                    Room Check (Players Pack Bags)

10:00                    Lights Out

Sunday, December 5


6:00a                Players bring personal bags to conference rooms

6:30a                Travel to Vikings Stadium

7:00a                Arrive stadium, occupy locker rooms

7:30a                Breakfast in locker rooms (hotel provided)

8:45a                Warm-up on field

9:55a                Coin Toss

10:00a              Kickoff

11:05a              Halftime

11:30a              3rd Qtr.

12:45p              Post game

2:00p                Return to Hotel (bag lunch for players) (hotel provided)

                          Players released at hotel

Key Locations


Hotel – Hyatt Regency Bloomington, 3200 E. 81st St., Bloomington, MN

Practice Field – West St. Paul Bubble, 1655 Livingston, West St. Paul, MN

Game – U.S. Bank Stadium, 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Lunch Venue – American Indian Center, 1530 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Boys and Grils Club - Jerry Gamble Club, 2410 Irving Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN

Teams are being drafted now

As you may have already heard this year players are being selected and drafted to specific teams right now. So if you have not been contacted yet please email us so we can schedule a time for your coaches to talk to you and to gather as much information as possible about you.

Travel (Plan Now)

No matter where you're coming from,  plan now and you can save money and you may find other players or coaches to travel with. Don't wait until last moment and make it difficult for you and your family to get here.  Trust us, as the game gets closer you are going to feel desperate to make sure you get to play.  Plan now and have a plan.

Indigenous Bowl play.png

Hey if you know of a story that you think is newsworthy now or throughout the preparation for the game please contact us we want to share it with everyone.  Make sure you keep checking back to read or watch of stories of other players and coaches that are preparing for the game. We would also like to share your story with your local news outlets. Please let us know what outlets are in your home town and if you would like us to send a press release. 

Indigenous Bowl Awards.png
All about the game

Make sure you bookmark this site and keep checking back here to find out more and to keep your self preparing for the big game. 

Progression of the year

1. Team Selection Begins (Nov. 1st)

2. Teams Finalized (Nov. 15th)

3. Arrival Minneapolis, MN (Dec. 1st)

4. Orientation  (Dec. 1st)

5. Practice Begins  (Dec. 2nd)

6. The 2021 Indigenous Bowl (Dec. 5th)

Player Applications
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