Learn more about our culture
Learn more about our culture

Along with the game you will have an opportunity to learn about our native culture and share about yours

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Indigenous Bowl Friends
Indigenous Bowl Friends

Reunite with old friends and make new friends that will last a life time. This is probably one of the most important take aways from the Indigenous Bowl

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Indigenous Bowl Scholarships
Indigenous Bowl Scholarships

Just to make it even more memorable, Some of the players will be surprised when their attitude and talent earns them a scholarship for college

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Applications for the 2021 Indigenous Bowl are now closed. All applicants will receive notice from 7G once the roster has been chosen.
Latest News

It's finally that time.  Coaches and Players are starting to circle up, contact us and be contacted by us. The 2021 Indigenous Bowl is right around the corner!!! Well, lets put it this way the Game is on December 5th but to be a part of it the time is now. Make sure if you're a player or potential booster that you contact us right away to ensure you don't miss out on this historic event. 

Fan's Corner
How you can be a sponsor or booster

You can be a sponsor or be a booster for the game. The Indigenous Bowl thrives from the efforts of people like you. Come join us and make a difference in our players lives

​The Road To Kick Off

1.Finish talking to a coach

2. Get your detailed information

3. Talk to your new coach if you have questions

4. Book your travel

5. Get in shape!

6. Travel safe

7. Arrive December 1st and prepare for the game of your life on Dec. 5th!